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My unique background in western medicine and holistic healthcare combined with gentle Chiropractic instrument adjusting allows me to help numerous people suffering from various conditions from head to toe.  I have a passion for teaching and helping my patients expand their knowledge and understanding about their body and health, empowering them to make better decisions leading to a more active and independent life.  I am excited to serve Brighton and its surrounding communities.


My experience in healthcare began over 25 years ago when I received training in the Army as a combat medic and then on as a Licensed Practical Nurse.  This allowed me to gain valuable experience in emergency rooms, hospitals, primary care clinics (internal medicine, family medicine and pediatrics), neurosurgery and spine, and long-term care facilities.


​I furthered my education by completing pre-med and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology.  Then, in December 2001, I achieved my childhood dream goal of obtaining my Doctor of Chiropractic degree.  I additionally completed Post-Graduate training in Applied Kinesiology and Acupuncture as well as thousands of hours of other Chiropractic techniques and education in nutrition since.


My wife (Heidi) and I have a “Brady Bunch” family with my 3 and her 3 and we have a rescued German Short-Haired Pointer named Skye instead of a housekeeper.  My wife is an educator and has worked for Brighton 27J and is currently teaching in Adams 12 school district.  Like most people that live in Colorado, we enjoy the outdoors mostly with hiking and biking.  We love taking trips and creating memories with the family.

Dr. Eric Anderson Chiropractor

Dr. Eric Anderson, DC

Dr. Eric Anderson Chiropractor Family

Anderson Family


Holly Gifford

Holly Gifford

Holly Gifford Family

Growing up south of Denver in a large family is where I was first introduced to chiropractic.  As a young teenager I experienced regular migraine headaches. A new chiropractor started a practice near our home.  I attended an evening to meet the doctor with my parents and as he explained what he could do, I knew that he could help me.  He did and I was converted!


In the fall of 2014 I was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease.  I was so sad to realize that I would have to live with symptoms for my lifetime. The ENT that diagnosed it gave me ideas to treat the symptoms but no hope for a cure.  I will forever be grateful to a friend of mine that shared with me that he had been diagnosed as well and he had found that chiropractic had helped him be symptom free for a couple of years.  I, too, have found that keeping my spine in alignment alleviates experiencing symptoms of that debilitating disease.


My husband and I have raised our family in Brighton.  We love the sense of family and community that thrives here.  I look forward to helping friends and neighbors continue to live healthy lives through building and following patterns of wellness.

Gifford Family

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